BEYOND IMAGINATION WORKS (BIW INC) is a non profit organization dedicated to the enrichment of individuals, 17 to 24 years of age, who wish to further their performance platform in the "artsport" of Winterguard. It was founded to create a educational community of mutual respect for young adults that fosters learning, self-discipline, character development and self-esteem; and to promote the values of dedication, hard work, team work, integrity and pride of accomplishment through striving for excellence.We believe that each person when given an opportunity can achieve excellence in their personal, social and cultural growth through the study and performance of the innovative Winterguard activity. 

Our goals include promoting the Winterguard activity as a expressive art form which truly enriches the lives of those who perform as well as our audiences.  People of all ages are touched emotionally and intellectually by participating in this innovative activity which encompasses all the creative arts including music, dance, drama and art, as well as requires the performers to be extremely fit and well trained athletes. Our staff includes professional musicans, dancers, artists and actors as well as a physical trainer to provide a complete and well-rounded program.  


Our original organization, BRENHAM INDEPENDENT WINTERGUARD was established in 2011 in Brenham, TX (home of Bluebell Creameries). However in 2013 we relocated to the Dallas/Fort Worth area to serve a larger and more diversified community. The availabilty of greater resources and the talent and dedication of our college and high school age performers as well as the excellence of our DFW staff are huge factors in the growth of our organization which has now become an established performing arts organization in the metroplex. 

Production 2014, entitled LOOKING FOR JOY, featured the BIW unique style of design, music, dance, athletics, drama and equipment skills.  In its appearance at Winter Guard International (WGI) World Championships on April 2014 in Dayton, Ohio,  Brenham Independent was crowned Silver Medalist in the Independent A classification!   This is the “olympics" of winterguard with over 500 winterguard units competing and thousands of fans in attendance over the course of three days of competition.  

Production 2015, entitled HERE'S TO LIFE, featured an original soundtrack by Tommy Keenum which was a contemporary remake of the the Shirley Horne original jazz composition.  The set included black velvet floor pieces and a homage to the movement style of Bob Fossey.  Costumes also by Tommy Keenum were reminiscent of the Fossey productions.  At 2015 WGI World Championships, BIW achieved a semi finalist position in their first year in Open Class competition.  

The 2016 Season saw the group renamed to Bri’A Independent Winterguard and under the sponsorship of University of Texas at Arlington. However members are not required to attend UTA.  A wide variety of schools and professions is represented by our membership. 

 A great remake of the Holly Cole song “Shiver Me Timbers” was used for the 2016 production of BLUE WATERS which included a nautical theme and creative use of props and choreography.  This season continued the tradition of excellence for BIW.


Season 2017  saw the return of the classical BIW style with our production of “THE PROMISE OF LIVING” with music of Aaron Copland. The elegant set and backdrops provided a treat to the senses and imagination.   A very successful season culminated in a WGI IA Finalist placement.

Throughout the competitive season (January through April) BIW performs in the Dallas/FortWorth area at local high schools and fine arts facilities before hundreds.  They also perform statewide in Texas and in surrounding states on the WGI (Winter Guard International) circuit for multi-cultural audiences of all ages. Our performers are mainly college students who act as our ambassadors to teens at local schools. Their popularity and success have created groups of fans who cheer for them faithfully! 

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